Vinyl By Design Decking

Traditional wood decking can’t compete. Enjoy superior quality, enduring beauty, and maintenance-free care with custom vinyl decking from Vinyl by Design.

Our Clubhouse vinyl decking products offer contractors and installers an easy-to-work-with solution that guarantees stunning, long-lasting decks. Homeowners prefer our vinyl decking for its hassle-free maintenance and resistance to stains, mold, scratches, and insects. Plus, enjoy the lasting, rich colors of our decking without the need for frequent staining or painting, ensuring a beautiful outdoor space with minimal upkeep.

Explore our vinyl decking options and styles below.  

Why Clubhouse?  

Clubhouse decking redefines outdoor living with its unmatched strength and natural aesthetic. Crafted without wood fillers, it boasts superior durability. Each board features a unique wood grain pattern, capturing the essence of natural beauty. Its innovative PVC composition allows for creative, custom shapes, offering flexibility in design that traditional materials can’t match.

Key Features:

  • Superior Strength: Made without wood fillers for enhanced durability.
  • Natural Wood Grain Appearance: Unique patterns on each board for an authentic look.
  • Customizable Designs: Flexible PVC material for creative, unique shapes.
  • Dense Cell Structure: Allows heating and shaping without quality loss.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Complements various architectural styles beautifully.

Protected by the TrueNorth Limited-Lifetime Performance Warranty.  

 Special order options: grooved decking (we also stock non-grooved); 12’ and 16’ length for ultra series colors 

*If a special order is placed, the customer must purchase an entire bundle. We cannot split bundles for non-stock items. 

Clubhouse Decking Care and Maintenance

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