Vinyl By Design Decking

Traditional wood decking can’t compete. Enjoy superior quality, enduring beauty, and maintenance-free care with custom vinyl decking from Vinyl by Design.

Clubhouse vinyl decking products make it easy for contractors and professional installers to deliver beautifully finished decks, built to last. Homeowners choose vinyl decking for easy maintenance and straightforward installation. Unlike wood, our vinyl products are resistant to stains, mold, scratches, and insects.  

In addition, it’s beautiful: decking from Vinyl by Design offers rich, long-lasting color without frequent stain or paint applications.  

Explore our vinyl decking options and styles below.  

Why Clubhouse?  

Clubhouse is known for its superior strength, produced without wood fillers. It is also an attractive option, with grain that mimics nature, so nearly every board is different. 

Customize your decking installation with unique shapes that other products simply cannot offer. This PVC-based decking has a dense cell structure that allows it to be heated and bent without bubbling up or compromising the wood texture.

Protected by the TrueNorth Limited-Lifetime Performance Warranty.  

 Special order options: grooved decking (we also stock non-grooved); 12’ and 16’ length for ultra series colors 

*If a special order is placed, the customer must purchase an entire bundle. We cannot split bundles for non-stock items. 

Clubhouse Decking Care and Maintenance

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