Vinyl Maintenance

One of the most common questions we are asked is, ‘how do you maintain vinyl products?’ So here are a few tips and bits of information that you should know in order to keep your vinyl looking like new and lasting a long time.

Most of the time your vinyl can be cleaned by the simple usage of soap and water. One of the best aspects of vinyl products is their low maintenance requirement. However, if you do choose to use one of the many vinyl cleaning products on the market we suggest that you test it out in an area of your decking or fencing that is less seen before applying it to visible areas. This is just to assure that the cleaning solution will not cause any discoloration to your vinyl investment.

We also suggest that you avoid applying sunscreen, bug repellent and any other spray on products on or near your vinyl, because the sprays along with the heat from the sun might cause these products to leave stains. Excessively hot sources such as (fire pits, grills, glass window/door reflections) placed near or adjacent to vinyl products have a tendency to cause fading and discoloration as well. For darker vinyl products it is also suggested that areas exposed to the sun regularly be covered with an umbrella or some type of protection; as these areas can become excessively hot to the touch.

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